Ron currently provides personal training in the Yorkville, and Downtown area. Prior to his recent move to Toronto, he spent 5 years building his professional career in Los Angeles, CA, where he has worked with a diverse group of clientele providing 100% customer satisfaction.

Ron grew up in Vancouver, BC. He has always expressed an extreme desire in fitness and athletics. He spent 2 years focusing on both academic texts and classroom studies, which aid his scientific approach to training. In 2013, Ron moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he spent 5 years gaining hands on experience working with a variety of different clientele.

A perfect body doesn’t evolve over night. However, with Ron`s approach you can achieve results faster and stay committed to maintain your goals. He creates customized fitness programs that will meet your individual needs, your personality, and your lifestyle.


Why choose me

  • I am an expert in what I do. I am fully certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I specialize in weight loss, body and core sculpting, as well as developing lean muscle.
  • I care about you. For many reasons, working out can be frustrating and complicated. When you are under my care, I will never let you quit. I tailored my exercise to meet your needs, goals, and availabilities. You will be motivated as you see improvement day by day.
  • I create a variety of exercises to keep your workouts interesting. With endless variety of maneuvers introduced in each different session, you will show up excited and ready to take on a new challenge every day.
  • I provide you with a personalized comprehensive plan. Which means when you aren’t with me I will provide you with the tools to accomplish your overall goals in an efficient amount of time.
  • I want to know what you’re doing. Outside of your sessions clients will be given my contact info where they have 24 hour access to ask any questions about improving their health when I am not around.
  • I don’t have any hidden fees. I am an honest person and it is an obligation to give my clients a professional recommendation of sessions based on their needs. Your health is priceless and valuable.

What other people say about me

Ronnie is a great trainer. His workouts are effective and fun. Each workout is different so I feel challenged in every season. During my workouts, he's very attentive and always corrects my form. Ronnie is also a great support and takes the extra initiative to make sure I am on track with my fitness and my nutrition. He always keeps in close contact and gives me the motivation to stick with the program. I have gotten great results and will continue to train with Ronnie long term. He's an awesome trainer and an all around great guy.

Brenda Hermogeno

Before I started training with Ronnie I was 18 percent body fat, and was experiencing back pain from sitting in a desk all day. He did an amazing job setting me up on a nutrition plan and communicating with me on a daily basis to help me achieve my goals. Ronnie's workouts are different every time, he's passionate and driven and his work shows. I lost 8 percent body fat and my body feels alot better than when we first started too. Thank you!!

Jon Carmody

"Ronnie has been an incredible addition to my workout and overall lifestyle management plan. He is so hard working, dedicated, attentive, helpful and he makes me push myself to the edge of my comfort zone - all while keeping the sessions fun, and still getting amazing results! I am extremely happy with the short-term results, and excited to keep working with him for even better improvements in the long run.

Ron Elizondo

My training method


I have an extensive background in sports and athletic training, that help my clients effectively obtain fitness goals in a shorter period of time. My approach is to coach my clients through a full session with a fun yet challenging and effective style of training that will help enhance the cardiovascular system, strength, speed, agility and overall appearance. I'm extremely passionate about personal training and take pride in my clients results, which is why I am thoroughly engaged in every second of your workout. I communicate with my clients on a daily basis about nutrition, workouts and or any questions about fitness they might have. Whether you work with me for 5 days or 5 years, as a fitness enthusiast i'm always passing on knowledge to you.


I'm not a "get lean in 90 days" kind of trainer. I believe that fitness is a way of life while consistency and pushing through every rep in a calendar year will lead to maximum results. I use a scientifically proven, yet innovative approach to my training, targeting the anaerobic glycolysis system with kettlebells, plyometrics, weight training, functional body weight exercises and TRX. Further more, my training uses movements that utilize type I and type II muscle fibers to strengthen the human movement system quickly and efficiently. I have a specialty through the National Academy of Sports Medicine program that deals with and how to prevent injuries as well. With that being said, my programs aren't brainless and are tailored specifically for improving your life in and outside the gym. In addition to this, every session involves the collaboration of confusing the body with new exercises that target each muscle at every possible angle, and step outside of your comfort zone to maximize results. Everyday is a new obstacle, and I will be challenging you to get stronger.