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What other people say about me

Ronnie is a great trainer. His workouts are effective and fun. Each workout is different so I feel challenged in every season. During my workouts, he's very attentive and always corrects my form. Ronnie is also a great support and takes the extra initiative to make sure I am on track with my fitness and my nutrition. He always keeps in close contact and gives me the motivation to stick with the program. I have gotten great results and will continue to train with Ronnie long term.

Brenda Hermogeno

Before I started training with Ronnie I was 18 percent body fat, and was experiencing back pain from sitting in a desk all day. He did an amazing job setting me up on a nutrition plan and communicating with me on a daily basis to help me achieve my goals. Ronnie's workouts are different every time, he's passionate and driven and his work shows. I lost 8 percent body fat and my body feels alot better than when we first started too. Thank you!!

Jon Carmody

Ronnie has been an incredible addition to my workout and overall lifestyle management plan. He is so hard working, dedicated, attentive, helpful and he makes me push myself to the edge of my comfort zone - all while keeping the sessions fun, and still getting amazing results! I am extremely happy with the short-term results, and excited to keep working with him for even better improvements in the long run.

Ron Elizondo

Ronnie takes his job very seriously. He is engaged throughout our workouts, always correcting inappropriate technique and interested in my feedback. He (without me asking) creates written workouts for me to complete independently on our "off" days. They are well written, easy to understand and he responds quickly via text to my questions when I'm at the gym on my own. It is quite evident to me that he takes great pride in the results that he has helped me attain thus far

John Ozimek

What makes Ronnie special is that he has real passion for his work and he cares deeply for his clients. To Ronnie, this isn't just a paycheck; it's a calling. He is a true professional in terms of punctuality and preparation, and he gives me his full focus and attention during trainings. As an added bonus, he communicates with me regularly outside of the gym to ensure that I'm on track with diet and exercise at home. Does he have to do this? Of course not. He does it because he cares, and because he considers my success to be his success.

David Dwelle

During our workouts, he pushes me further than I want to go most days... and really, what better feeling is there than leaving a workout after you've worked harder and pushed yourself further than you thought you could? He's very strategic about his approach to training. Ron makes sure he focuses on getting your core, and underdeveloped muscles strengthened first, then moves onto specific target areas. This is not only really effective, but I also noticed an improvement with chronic low back and shoulder pain over the duration of our training. The proof with any trainer is whether you want to keep coming back, and whether you're seeing results... and the answer for me since day one has been a big YES. Highly recommend giving Ronnie a try!

Andy Keown