Fitness has evolved from lifting heavy weights and resting for an extended period, not only is this hard on our joints and ligaments our bodies tend to plateau faster. I like to train my clients using functional movements with the TRX, Kettlebell, body weight, as well resistance training with weights at high intensity. Not only does my approach help build lean muscle mass, it also improves your everyday life and allows my sessions to be fun and creative.


I use a scientifically proven format that is designed to keep your metabolism burning fat up to 48 hours after our sessions. My training includes a dynamic warm up and 3 circuits with resistance training, high intense interval training and core strengthening. These workouts eliminate developing bulky muscle but rather a lean tight shaped look.


Regardless of athletic ability, body misalignment and bad posture are formed through incorrect movement during exercise or bad habits formed in our everyday lives. I am a Corrective Exercise specialist certified through NASM. During my assessment I observe how my clients bodies are aligned and take corrective action if required. Whether its muscle imbalances, joint instability, or decreased range of motion, my programs are designed specifically to get you results while reducing potential injuries .

Ronnie McNaughton

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